Friday, March 26, 2010

Injured Maryland Officers Relive Crash

PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, Md. - Officer Ponloeu Lee and Officer Brian Trice are two Prince George's County officers who are thankful to be alive.
"You got to work each day, I kiss my kids and my wife. Don't worry daddy is coming home—it's part of the job," says Officer Trice.

On November 27, 2009 on Indian Head Highway, the two men responded to a massive multi-car crash. As they worked the scene, an already bad accident suddenly got worse.

"I was just finishing up some paperwork for the night, the next thing you know everything just went black," says Officer Lee.

A driver sped through the accident scene, through the red light and crashed into Officer Lee's cruiser.

"All I could hear was people screaming, 'Get him out, get him out!" Officer Lee recalled.

The driver also slammed into Officer Trice's cruiser.

"I was knocked unconscious at the time, I woke up about an hour or so later in the hospital," Officer Trice said.

Trice ended up with a concussion, nerve damage to his neck and a torn rotator cuff. But Lee's injuries were far more serious. He had a broken leg, a pelvic fracture in three places and his aorta was ruptured. He was given a 1percent chance of survival.

"Doctors say people don't live through that stage-- once that rips, you bleed out to death in less than 5 minutes," Lee said.

But Lee beat the odds. From November 27 through December 24, he was in a recovery unit at the hospital. Trice missed 3 weeks and is back on the job.

"I just pray to god that I am alive today and I get to go home and see my wife and kids."

Lee is on still in rehab and fighting the pain. He has yet to go back to work, but he is alive and back with his family.
"Fortunately, I was lucky-- I guess somebody was looking out for me that night," said Lee.

Lee is expected to make a full recovery. The suspect who hit him was arrested.
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