Wednesday, March 5, 2014

PGPD Responds to Potomac High School for Alleged Gunman; Lockdown Lifted After False Alarm

The Prince George’s County Police Department is investigating an incident that led to a lockdown at Potomac High School in Oxon Hill this morning.

On March 5, 2014, at 9:20 am, a call came in for a reported shooting near the school in the 1400 block of Southview Drive.  The caller reported seeing two suspects heading toward the school.  The PGPD recommended the school be put on lockdown.  At that time, a student texted a family member mentioning the lockdown and surmising there may be a gunman in the school. That family member called the District IV police station stating she received information that a gunman was in a classroom and students were in danger.

Due to the nature of that call, patrol officers immediately entered the school to locate the alleged gunman. Based on preliminary information, the officers narrowed down their search to two classrooms.  They patted down students in those classrooms to check for possible weapons. No weapons were found. There is also no information at this point that verifies the reported shooting on Southview Drive ever took place. Officers verified the report of a gunman at the school was inaccurate.  The lockdown was lifted before 11 am. An investigation into the original call for service is underway.

For more information, please contact the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Media Relations Division at (301) 772-4710.

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