Friday, February 17, 2012

PGPD Officers Aid Citizens During Apartment Fire in Forestville

Prince George's County police officers assisted residents trapped inside their homes during a dangerous fire early this morning in the 6100 block of Hil Mar Drive.  Officer Peter Johnson arrived on scene and was approached by the homeowner.  Frightened for the safety of her children, the homeowner advised Officer Johnson that her children were trapped on the second floor.  Johnson, who is also a volunteer firefighter, quickly informed the responding firefighters and began to assist rescuing the trapped children.

At the height of the fire, Officer Ryan Watson, and Officer Darryl Wormuth began to evacuate the residents from the increasingly dangerous blaze.  Watson and Wormuth rescued a 90 year-old man who was in a wheel chair.  While trapped on the second floor of his home, the officers were able to carry the man down the stairs and out of his smoke-filled house.

The Prince George's County Police Department commends these brave officers and firefighters on their heroic actions that helped save lives.

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