Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Statement on Council Member Traffic Stop

     On February 22, 2012 at approximately noon, the Prince George's County Police Department issued a Maryland Uniform Complaint and Citation for an unsafe lane change (21-309b / $90) and a written warning for excessive speed to Prince George's County Council Member Karen Toles for violations observed by a uniformed patrol officer operating a marked police cruiser on the Capital Beltway near Branch Avenue.

     The issuance of a warning citation for the speed is consistent with the typical discretion applied by police officers to speeding motorists. The traffic violations were captured on the police officer's in-car camera, and the incident will be subject to command review. At the moment, the video is evidence in a pending District Court traffic case, and will not be released.


Anonymous said...

If the council member was in fact traveling at 105 mph, does anyone on the PG police force (or anyone else for that matter) believe for one minute that she wasn't allowed to slide because of her position? If it were anyone else (except for perhaps a fellow officer! -- do as I say, not as I do), would they not have been arrested on the spot for reckless endangerment or reckless driving?

Anonymous said...

What a crock. You're lying and you know it. If it was just another citizen, and not a council member, the person would be in jail and paying the maximum fine.

Whatever happened to the police being honest and fair?

Sir JacquesChevalier said...

Karen Toles once came to court and lied on me, the same way she is lying to the public.The case did not even involve her and was for her friend Terry Speignor the person who got her elected.
No one is falling for the nonsense the PGPD is putting out or the stupid comments of Karen Toles.
*Thought the police was getting better but favortism still reigns while the rest of us get golden showers of rain.

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