Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Tipsters Help Identify Suspects Caught on Camera Arguing Before Robbery

 Samuel Tyler
Davon William Freeman

Just hours after the release of last week’s Wanted Wednesday blog, a tipster called into Crime Solvers, helping detectives identify one of the two armed robbery suspects seen arguing in the  video. He’s 34-year-old Davon William Freeman of Delano Lane in District Heights. He’s currently in custody on an unrelated charge. Several days later, another tip was called in about the identity of the second suspect. He’s identified as 49-year-old Samuel Tyler of no fixed address. We thank the tipsters for reaching out to us and to all of those who partner with us to solve cases.

 Car Linked to Two Thefts at Same Gas Station
May16th theft 
These types of thefts take just seconds. In this surveillance photo, a suspect is seen sneaking up to a car at a gas station in the 3500 block of Bladensburg Road. He opens the door, snatches an item from inside and takes off. This theft happened on May 16th at about 10:30 am. The suspect’s car is described as a silver Honda Accord. 

May 9th theft 

The same Honda is linked to another theft at the very same gas station on Bladensburg Road the week before. In this case, a suspect again sneaks up to the van, this time while the driver is on the other side. The suspect quietly opens a door and takes an item from inside. The thieves are to blame for this type of crime, but there are things a driver can do to cut down their chance of being a target. Always lock your door while pumping gas or running into a store for a quick errand. Also, remove items of value out of plain sight. Never leave them out in the open. If possible, take them with you. If you have any information on this silver Honda, please call our detectives at 301-699-2601.

Theft Investigation
Our Regional Investigation Division – Northern Region is also on the lookout for this dark-colored Dodge SUV. It too is connected to a theft from a car at a business in the county. In this case, the suspect stole a victim’s purse that had been left behind on her front passenger seat. This happened on May 18th in the 6800 block of New Hampshire Avenue. Anyone with information on this case is asked to call 301-699-2601 or Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS.  

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