Monday, May 30, 2011

District IV Hosts Community Walk in Temple Hills

Prince George’s County, Maryland…District IV Commander, Major James A. Harper and the District IV COPS Office joined community leaders for a “Community Walk” Friday evening in 23rd Parkway corridor of Temple Hills. The “Community Walk” was designed to maintain open dialogue between the community and the police department, and was an opportunity for District command staff to discuss the community’s concerns around crime and neighborhood safety.

District IV COPS officers shared information with resident’s in the Iverson Tower’s apartment complexes about the upcoming “Summer Crime Initiative” as well as handing out information and educating the community on crime prevention and safety tips.

“Our turnout was excellent and it’s a great way to talk directly to citizens about their concerns. It’s always a good opportunity when I can personally meet and greet citizens who are excited about working with us to maintain and promote safety,” said Major James Harper.

For more information, call the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Press Information Office at (301) 772-4710.

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