Thursday, August 4, 2011

News Alert (UPDATE) Departmental Shooting-Officer Assaulted

Police officers assigned to the District III Special Assignment Team (SAT) obtained information that a possible armed subject was in the 1700 block of  Marblewood Avenue in Fairmont Heights.  Once on the scene, uniformed police officers observed the suspect, approached him, and were fired upon by another gunman laying in wait.  The gunman fired a semi- automatic firearm at one police officer, striking him in the arm.  Another officer on the scene returned gunfire at the shooter.  The gunman, who was not struck, fled on foot to a nearby vacant home.  Responding police officers located the shooter, recovered the weapon, and apprehended two  additional suspects.  The investigation continues.

Note- Information contained in this news alert should be considered preliminary in nature. Further investigation may result in modifications of these facts.

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