Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Prince George’s County Maryland has established an Automated Speed Enforcement Program.  This Program includes the use of speed monitoring systems which photograph speed violations in designated school zones and designated Institution of Higher Education areas.  Prince George’s County will start operation of its Automated Speed Enforcement Program with a 30-day warning period beginning on August 22, 2011. The location of the first Speed Enforcement System(s) will be within the 8400-9000 block(s) of Allentown Road at Issac Gourdine Middle School and Tayac Elementary School.  In accordance with State Law, beginning on September 21, 2011, Prince George’s County Maryland will issue $40.00 civil citations to vehicles that exceed the posted speed limit by twelve (12) miles per hour or more.

Prince George’s County intends to use speed monitoring systems in the established school zones associated with locations listed below:

  • Issac Gourdine Middle School and Tayac Elementary School, within the 8400-9000 block(s) of Allentown Road
  • Montpelier Elementary School: 9000-9200 block of Muirkirk Road
  • Rosa Parks Elementary School: 5700-6300 block of Ager Road
  • Northwestern High School/St. Marks Elementary School/University of Maryland (Institute of Higher Learning): 7600-6900 block of Adelphi Road
  • Clinton Grove Elementary School: 9400-9700 block of Temple Hill Road
  • John Baynes Elementary School: 6900-7400 block of Walker Mill Road
  • Ardmore Elementary School/ Herbert Flowers High School: 9100-10000 block of Ardwick Ardmore Road
  • High Bridge Elementary School: 6800-7100 block of High Bridge Road
  • Barnaby Manor Elementary School: 1800-2400 Owens Road
  • Arrowhead High School: 2100-2600 block of Sansbury Road
  • Vansville Elementary School: 11600-11900 block of Old Balitmore Pike
  • Chillum Elementary School: 5400-6100 block of Sargeant Road
  • Columbia Park Elementary School: 6700-7100 block of Columbia Park Road
  • District Heights Elementary School: 2100-2400 County Road
  • Duval High School/Robert Goddard Middle School/Catherine Reed Elementary School: 9800-9900 block of Good Luck Road
  • Friendly High School: 9800-10000 block of Allentown Road
  • James Harrison Elementary School: 8300-8600 Contee Road
  • North Forestville Elementary School: 2200-2500 block of Ritchie Road
  • Oakcrest Elementary School: 800-1100 block of Hill Road
  • Phyllis E. Williams Elementary School: 000-800 block of Harry S. Truman Drive
  • Princeton Elementary School: 6100-6400 block of Auth Road
  • Tall Oaks Vocational: 2000-2300 block of Church Road
  • Thomas Pullen Elementary School: 500-1100 block of Brightseat Road
  • Thurgood Marshall Middle School: 4600-5600 block of Brinkley Road
  • William Hall Elementary School: 5000-5300 block of Marlboro Pike
For further information, call the Prince George’s County Police Department,

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