Thursday, April 30, 2015

PGPD Honors Patrol Officers of the Month

Our patrol officers are out in our communities day and night, committed to protecting and serving the citizens of Prince George’s County. They do remarkable work each day, which often goes unnoticed. We’d like to introduce you to the Patrol Officers of the Month for March.

District I Patrol Officer of the Month
Police Officer Jose’ Ayala-Feliz

On March 29, Police Officer Jose’ Ayala-Feliz responded to Kanawha Street for a welfare check. A 911 caller had reported an injured man in an apartment stairwell. When Officer Ayala-Feliz arrived, he found the victim, who had been fatally stabbed. Squad members were called to secure the crime scene and canvass for possible witnesses. During that neighborhood canvass, Officer Ayala-Feliz spoke with several community members who were able to provide information in the case that helped homicide detectives make two arrests.

District II Patrol Officers of the Month
Corporal Scott Wilson

Police Officer First Class David Freshley

On March 16, Corporal Scott Wilson and Police Officer First Class David Freshley responded to Greenbelt Road for a domestic dispute. Once on the scene, the patrol officers met with a woman who advised she was having an argument with her husband. She feared for her safety and had left the apartment to call the police. While officers were on their way, the victim’s husband sent her text messages indicating he was leaving the home. Corporal Wilson and POFC Freshley escorted the woman back to her apartment. When they got inside, the officers heard the distinct sound a weapon being loaded. They then saw the suspect begin to raise a handgun in the direction of the officers and the wife. The officers moved the victim out of the line of fire and confronted the husband. The officers gave verbal commands for the husband to drop the weapon. After a short standoff, the husband complied and was taken into custody without further incident. 

District III Patrol Officer of the Month
Police Officer Michael Byers

On March 5, Police Officer Michael Byers stopped to assist another officer on a traffic stop. During the stop, the driver got out of his car and began walking toward Officer Byers but then began to run away. Officer Byers ran after him. That’s when the suspect tried to pull out a handgun from his waistband. Officer Byers was able to catch the suspect, causing the suspect to drop the gun. The suspect was able to get back to his feet and begin running again. Officer Byers quickly caught him and took him into custody. It was later learned the suspect was a convicted felon.

District IV Patrol Officer of the Month
Corporal David Hansen

On March 31, Corporal David Hansen was called to Cloverdale Drive for the report of an armed robbery. He spoke with the victim who had been delivering food when he was approached and robbed by a man with a gun. A lookout for the suspect was broadcast. Corporal Hansen spotted a man matching the suspect’s description not far away. That man was positively linked to the robbery. The victim’s property and a BB gun were recovered.

District VI Patrol Officer of the Month 
                                   Police Officer Lyndon Thomas

On March 9, Police Officer Lyndon Thomas was sent to the area of Chadds Ford Drive and General Lafayette Boulevard for the report of a drowning. As the first officer on the scene, Officer Thomas immediately began speaking to the 911 callers who advised they had seen a man walking on a path, stumble backwards down a hill and into a nearby pond. They hadn’t seen him come out of the water. Officer Thomas immediately jumped into the water which was 35 degrees in a desperate attempt to find the man. He spent several minutes searching for the victim in the frigid and muddy water. Prince George's County Fire Department units arrived with a dive team. The team was able to find the victim. Despite the extensive efforts to save the man, he died at a hospital. 

District VI Patrol Officer of the Month
Police Officer First Class Tahicia McCaskill

On March 24, Police Officer First Class Tahicia McCaskill was on patrol in the area of Laurel Bowie Road and Contee Road when she conducted a traffic stop on a car with three occupants. A registration check revealed the registration was suspended. As POFC McCaskill spoke with the occupants, she detected a nervous and evasive demeanor from one of them. During the stop, the patrol officer discovered one of the occupants had an open warrant. He was taken into custody. 

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