Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Signs Are Up! Thieves Should Consider Themselves Warned

SmartWater Neighborhoods Are On Display  

This weekend, multiple communities throughout Prince George’s County  displayed warning signs to would-be-thieves. These signs clearly identify that SmartWater technology is in use throughout the community. The technology, created by SmartWater out of the United Kingdom,  allows residents to mark their personal belongings with a liquid containing a unique forensic code.

Once SmartWater is applied, the liquid can only be seen under a unique light. This marking allows stolen items to be identified more easily and will help our detectives investigate these crimes.  Residents can mark everything from their cellphones to televisions, computers, expensive tools, bicycles, lawn equipment, and beyond.  SmartWater is a silent and invisible witness.   Thieves won't know if the items they are stealing have the liquid on them or not, but we will when we locate the property.  This will help our detectives identify the stolen items, their rightful owners, and help link the crimes to the burglars and thieves so we can make arrests and put criminals behind bars.  

This is just one of the new tools that Chief Hank Stawinski has deployed in our 21st century fight against crime within Prince George’s County.

If you wish to become part of the SmartWater initiative, please visit http://smartwatercsi.com/ for more information. Additionally, you can contact your Community Oriented Policing Specialist at your respective district police station for additional information.

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