Friday, September 1, 2017

PGPD & MSP to Target Illegal ATV/Dirt Bike Riding During Labor Day Enforcement Operation

Beginning Saturday morning and running through Labor Day, the Prince George’s County Police Department will team up with Maryland State Police to enforce laws regarding illegal ATV and dirt bike use in our county. Riding ATVs and unlicensed dirt bikes on county roadways and highways is illegal.

The PGPD will provide more than 50 officers for this weekend’s operation and the Maryland State Police will dedicate 25 troopers to the effort. Aircraft will also be used during the operation. 

Officers and troopers will take photographs and videos of any illegal riding and then work to identify the operator. Riders will also be cited and, when applicable, the ATV and dirt bikes will be confiscated. 

Also, the Prince George’s County Police Department has acquired a new tool in our efforts to keep our county roads and motorists safe.  You may be familiar with tire deflating devices.   Law enforcement agencies across the country commonly deploy the devices when attempting to safely deflate the tires of a fleeing suspect’s car when the suspect’s driving behavior and failure to stop poses serious danger to others.   Our department now has in its possession new technology which is specifically designed to safely deflate the tires of fleeing off-road vehicles being illegally driven on roadways. 

As you see in the video, the deployment device pokes holes in the tires and, as the air releases, the tires deflate over a period of time which first slows the driver down and then, ultimately, forces the driver to stop.  

Finally, in our ongoing partnership with the community, we are asking that any resident who witnesses the illegal operation of ATVs or dirt bikes on roadways to please call 911.  

Thank you and have a safe holiday weekend! 

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