Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chief Magaw Welcomes “Wednesday’s Child” to the PGPD

Courtesy of NBC Washington

Chief Mark Magaw recently welcomed a young woman named Amanda to the Prince George’s County Police Department.  Amanda is a remarkable person who has survived difficult times in her young life.  Despite those challenges, she has persevered, thanks, in part, to a police officer she called on for help years ago.  That interaction spurred Amanda's interest in law enforcement and her desire to now become a police officer herself.  NBC Washington’s Barbara Harrison highlighted Amanda's visit to the PGPD in her long-running and well-respected series, “Wednesday’s Child.”  During the visit, Amanda toured the Special Operations Division. Chief Magaw also presented Amanda with an honorary badge, meaning she’s forever a part of the PGPD family.  Before she left, Amanda met with our recruiting team. Who knows? Maybe she’ll wear the PGPD uniform in the near future.  Please take a moment and watch the story and share your thoughts.

NBC Washington Video

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