Thursday, May 24, 2012

PGPD Advises to Be Aware of Prize Winning Scam

Green Dot Prepaid Cards


On May 23, 2012, PGPD received a call from a banking institution stating that they believed one of their customers was a victim of a scam.  The District I Investigative Section made contact with the victim who lives in the area of New Carrollton, Maryland.  It was discovered that the victim received a phone call at home from a  person posing as a representative with Publisher’s Clearinghouse. The person stated "You have just won $2.5 million dollars and a brand new Mercedes."  The person advised the victim to withdraw $8,000 from her banking institution to cover taxes and fees for her winnings.  The victim was then instructed to purchase Green Dot prepaid cards totaling $8,000 in order to receive her winnings.  The victim was advised to provide the activation numbers for each card.  Once the activation numbers were received, her winnings would be delivered.

PGPD detectives were able to cancel up to $5,500 of these cards.  The victim realized that this was a scam.  Be aware of these types of scams, “Congratulations, You have Just Won…….”

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