Friday, May 11, 2012

Police Officers Nab Suspects Involved in Organized Theft Ring

19 year-old Darquesha Shelby Wilkinson 

     The Prince George's County Police Department has arrested 19 year-old Darquesha Shelby Wilkinson and 23 year-old Latasha Renee Mungo for their involvement in a organized theft ring where thousands of dollars worth of stolen assorted  perfumes were recovered. 

     On Tuesday, May 8, 2012, Wilkinson and Mungo were observed by loss prevention officers at the JC Penney, located in the 9000 block of Mchugh Drive in Glenarden, stealing assorted perfumes.  They left the store with the stolen items without being detained.  Later in the day, Wilkinson and Mungo re-entered the same JC Penney and began stealing more assorted perfumes.  Members from loss prevention were able to detain them and recovered an estimated value of $2338.00 worth of assorted perfumes.  More assorted perfumes were recovered from a vehicle used in the thefts that had an estimated value of $2590.00.
 23 year-old Latasha Renee Mungo 

     As the investigation continued, it was found that Wilkinson and Mungo were a part of an organized theft ring from the Washington, D.C. area.  The group travels throughout Maryland and Virginia with the motive to steal assorted perfumes and other related items from JC Penney stores.  

     Wilkinson, of the 1200 block of Canal Street in southwest Washington, D.C., and Mungo, of the 1100 block of K Street in southeast Washington, D.C., were arrested and have been remanded to the Department of Corrections.  Their bond status is not known at this time.  Both are being charged with theft.  The investigation is ongoing.

     The Prince George's County Police Department were able to make these arrests with the outstanding groundwork laid by the Glenarden Police Department.  Excellent work!   

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