Saturday, October 17, 2015

PGPD Investigating Incident Involving Escaped Prisoner Who Assaulted Officers

Update (10/19/15):

(Giovanti Moschino Young)

We are sharing in-car camera video from an officer who responded to the scene of the traffic stop Saturday on Muirkirk Rd. in Laurel. The video shows the suspect, 21 year old Giovanti Moschino Young of the 9600 block of Muirkirk Road in Laurel, with two of our officers. Warning: the suspect uses profane language in this video. Young originally gave officers a fake name. Once his true identity was discovered, officers discovered he has been wanted on an armed robbery charge in Howard County and failure to appear in court. Young now faces the following charges in Prince George’s County:

Obstruction and hindering a police officer

Second degree assault (3 counts)

Disorderly conduct

Resisting arrest

Malicious destruction of property (destroyed side mirror on cruiser)

Depart from Custody Without the Authorization of a Law Enforcement Officer (escaping cruiser)

In-Car Camera Video:

All of our officers remain on full duty. Our Special Investigation Response Team (SIRT) is investigating this matter and would like to hear from any witnesses who may have seen or heard anything regarding either the traffic stop in Laurel or the incident in College Park. Citizens are asked to call 301-772-4778 or with any information.

Original Post (10/17/15):

The Prince George's County Police Department's Special Investigation Response Team (SIRT) is investigating an incident involving a prisoner who escaped from a PGPD cruiser and assaulted multiple officers in separate incidents. The escape happened today at Wells Parkway and Route 1 in College Park at about 5 pm. The suspect is now charged with multiple counts of assaulting police officers.  One officer is being treated at the hospital for injuries that occurred during the attack. 

Preliminarily, the investigation reveals the suspect was a passenger in a car initially pulled over by officers in Laurel during a traffic stop. During that traffic stop, the suspect assaulted two officers and was taken into custody. The suspect claimed he was injured. The officers took him to a hospital to be checked out. The hospital, finding no injuries, released the suspect back to police custody.

As another PGPD patrol officer was taking the suspect to the prisoner processing area in Hyattsville, the handcuffed suspect managed to escape from the cruiser. When the officer confronted the suspect outside the cruiser, the man tried to kick the officer and spit at him and bit him.  The officer was able to get the suspect down on the ground, where the suspect continued to struggle with the officer. The officer was finally able to get the suspect under control after deploying his taser.

The suspect has been taken to the hospital for treatment following the taser deployment. The officer is being treated at the hospital for his injuries.

Investigators are in the process of contacting witnesses and ask that anyone with additional information relevant to the investigation please contact police at

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