Friday, October 30, 2015

PGPD Honors Patrol Officers of the Month

Right now, our patrol officers are fanned out across the county serving the people of Prince George’s County. Too often their good work goes unnoticed. Here are the Patrol Officers of the Month for September.


District I Patrol Officer of the Month

Police Officer Herbert Dark

On September 25th, Police Officer Herbert Dark was dispatched to a gas station for the report of an armed robbery. Once on scene, the officer canvassed the area looking for the suspect. As Officer Dark drove through a nearby apartment complex, he spotted a shirt matching the suspect’s clothing snagged on a fence at the rear of the complex. The patrol officer got out of his cruiser and found a man matching the suspect’s description hiding in a drainage tunnel near that fence. The officer arrested the suspect and recovered a loaded gun and evidence from the gas station robbery as well as a second robbery earlier in the day.



District II Patrol Officer of the Month

Police Officer John Baker

On September 7th, Police Officer John Baker responded to a shooting on Ring Bill Loop in Upper Marlboro. When he arrived, he found a victim in a garage suffering from a gunshot wound. Officer Baker rushed to his cruiser and grabbed his department-issued trauma kit. He quickly provided aid to the victim and covered the wound until the ambulance arrived. The victim survived his injury.



District III Patrol Officers of the Month
Corporal Steven Holland
Police Officer Ishamel Scott

On September 23rd, while patrolling in Seat Pleasant, Corporal Steven Holland and Police Officer Ishamel Scott saw a car with three occupants driving very slowly through a neighborhood. The officers conducted a traffic stop on the car. As the car was stopping, a backseat passenger jumped out and ran into a nearby apartment complex. As the suspect ran, the officers saw him toss an object. The officers searched the area and recovered a loaded handgun. The suspect was arrested.


District IV Patrol Officer of the Month
Police Officer Jamal Neptune

On September 8th, while out on patrol in Hillcrest Heights, Police Officer Jamal Neptune encountered a suspect who tried to run away during an investigatory stop. The suspect was caught and arrested. He was carrying a stolen gun.



District V Patrol Officer of the Month
Police Officer Gloria Neeld  

While working the midnight shift, Police Officer Gloria Neeld saw a suspicious person on Old Branch Avenue. The patrol officer tried to approach the man to talk to him, but the man began to run away. Police Officer Neeld ran after him, while broadcasting his description. During the pursuit, Police Officer Neeld saw the man toss an item. The suspect was quickly caught. The fully loaded handgun the suspect had tossed was also recovered.


District VI Patrol Officer of the Month
Police Officer Ahmed Ali

On September 8th, Police Officer Ahmed Ali conducted a traffic stop in the area of Laurel Bowie Road in Laurel. Police Officer Ali saw the driver make several movements toward the center console and under the driver’s seat. As the officer approached the car, he also detected the distinct odor of burning marijuana. When a backup officer arrived, Police Officer Ali requested the driver exit the car. The driver initially refused to comply. Utilizing good communication skills, Police Officer Ali was able to deescalate the situation and persuade the driver to exit. A handgun and illegal drugs were recovered from the car.  

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