Wednesday, July 31, 2013

PGPD Spearheading Efforts to Bury Unearthed Remains Dating Back to1800s

CSI Testing Reveals Remains Likely That of a Slave

In 2003, the Prince George’s County Police Department was alerted that remains were found on the old Clagett family farm in Upper Marlboro.  They were discovered during testing of the land for possible development.  The PGPD was brought in to determine if any foul play was involved.  Homicide was ruled out.  Crime Scene Investigation Division Supervisor Bill Greene and now retired Corporal Richard Lanning immediately went to work to learn more about the remains.  Extensive testing revealed the remains are likely those of an African American man born in the 1800s.  Ground penetrating radar and archeological investigations also found at least 13 additional sets of remains buried in the area.  Evidence suggests that this is likely the site of a cemetery containing the remains of slaves and freemen who lived and worked on the property of Cool Spring Manor which is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

On Saturday, Bill Greene, members of the PGPD, the current property owner, a pastor and others will gather to reinter this unidentified man who died more than 100 years ago.  Members of the community and the media are encouraged to attend the service.  

When:   Saturday, August 3, 2013

Time:     2:00 pm

Where:   Clagett House at Cool Spring Manor
              17500 Clagett Landing Road
              Upper Marlboro, MD

For more information, please contact the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Media Relations Division at 301-772-4710.


Anonymous said...

I would like to express my appreciation to Major Elaine Moore of the Prince George's County Police Department and her family for their efforts in providing a permanent resting place for these individuals.

Unknown said...

Thanks for giving me a shout out. I spent many, many hours on that scene. Glad to see he is finally going home. Rest in peace Clagett Man.

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