Monday, December 8, 2014

Aviation Unit Rescues Man Lost in Woods

It was a desperate call for help.  A mother reached out to the PGPD last night to help find her son who is mentally impaired.  The 31-year-old had wandered off and was likely somewhere outside.  It was below freezing and dark out.  Finding him quickly was critical.

Enter our Aviation Unit.  A flight crew boarded Air 1 and raced toward the 16500 block of  Addison Patent Lane in Accokeek.   The pilot and tactical flight officer began a strategic search of the area using the helicopter's thermal imaging system, FLIR.  The flight crew noticed a hot spot in some nearby woods. They guided patrol officers on the ground to check out that location. Thankfully, FLIR had revealed the missing man.  Watch the rescue here:

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