Friday, January 13, 2012

PGPD Fallen Hero: Sergeant Harry L. Kinikin, Jr. (01-13-90)

Let us pause to remember our Fallen Hero, Sergeant Harry L. Kinikin, Jr., lost this day in 1990 as a result of injuries sustained 3 years earlier while investigating a theft in George Sector.

Sgt. Kinikin was born in 1951. He was raised in Temple Hills, Maryland and attended Potomac High School. Upon graduation, Sgt. Kinikin worked briefly in the banking industry before joining the Prince George's County Police Department on June 25, 1973. He was subsequently assigned to the Seat Pleasant Station.

On October 17, 1986, at approximately 1430 hours while on routine patrol, Sgt. Kinikin stopped at a 7-Eleven convenience store located in the 7100 Block of Martin Luther King Jr. Highway. He was approached by the manager of the establishment who advised that he had just observed a female who was suspected of shoplifting from the store the previous week. Sgt. Kinikin located the suspect in the parking lot of the Exxon Service Station at 7106 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway in Landover, Maryland and initiated contact with her. As Sgt. Kinikin attempted to notify Public Safety Communications of his status and position, the suspect suddenly produced a steak knife from her purse and stabbed Sgt. Kinikin in his side. The sergeant drew and discharged his service weapon, wounding the suspect in the abdomen. The suspect then stabbed Sgt. Kinikin a second time, piercing his left ventricle. Sgt. Kinikin made a final radio transmission advising the dispatcher that both he and the suspect had been wounded. Responding units arrived on scene moments later and found Sgt. Kinikin unresponsive. CPR was initiated and he was rushed to Prince George's Hospital Center. Sgt. Kinikin never regained consciousness. He succumbed to his injuries on January 13, 1990 at the Presidential Woods Health Care Center in Adelphi, Maryland.

Sgt. Kinikin served the Prince George's County Police Department for 13 years and was the 17th member of this Agency to make the Ultimate Sacrifice. He was the 27th law enforcement officer to give his life in service to this Profession within Prince George's County.

At the time of his death, Sergeant Harry L. Kinikin, Jr. was 38 years old and survived by his wife, son, and daughter.

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