Thursday, April 5, 2012

PGPD Participates in 2nd Annual Litter Enforcement Month

Prince George’s County, Maryland…The Prince George’s County Police Department will participate in the 2nd Annual Litter Enforcement Month taking place throughout the Washington, D.C. region during the entire month of April.  In an effort to reduce litter, The Prince George’s County Police Department with support from the Alice Ferguson Foundation and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Police Chiefs’ Committee, will strictly enforce already existing litter and illegal dumping laws.

The mission of Litter Enforcement Month is to raise awareness about litter, the laws associated with it, and its social and environmental effects on our communities.

  • Littering and illegal dumping are related crimes which plague Prince George’s County, the Washington, D.C. area and the Potomac River.
  • Studies show that there is a strong correlation between high volumes of litter, increased crime, and decreased property values.
  • Trash on our streets goes directly into storm drains which then pollute our waterways and drinking water.

For more information contact the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Community Services Division at 301-909-7126.

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