Thursday, April 14, 2011

PGPD SOD Participates in South East Police Motorcycle Rodeo

On April 10, 2011, members of the Prince George’s County Police Departments, Special Operations Division Motorcycle Unit (SOD) participated in the 22nd Annual South East Police Motorcycle Rodeo in Hollywood, Florida.  The competition consisted of over thirty agencies and 126 police motorcycle officers.  The officers from this agency included:

Sergeant Michael Leadbeter # 1257 Officer In Charge- SOD, Motors Unit
Corporal Greta Killerlane # 2353 - SOD, Motors Unit
Corporal Dexter McKinney # 2530 - SOD, Motors Unit
Corporal Joseph Merkel # 2081 - SOD, Motors Unit
Corporal Richard Vargas # 1833 - SOD, Motors Unit

Sergeant Mike Leadbeter #1257 received the following honors:

Overall Individual, Mr. Rodeo (Combination of the Skills Course-50%, Fun Run-30% & Slow Ride-20%)
4th Place

Division 1 (Fairing motorcycles)
4th Place 

Fun Run (Undisclosed & unpracticed course)  
5th Place

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