Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tips For Staying Safe This Halloween


It’s Trick-or-Treat time!  To help parents and children in our community have an enjoyable Halloween, we offer the following safety tips:


For Trick-or-Treaters and Parents: 

·                     Wear a costume that makes it easy for you to walk in and to be seen in.

·                     An adult should always accompany smaller children.

·                     Older children should travel in groups.

·                     Know the route your child intends to take, and set a time that they should return home.

·                     Carry a flashlight and make sure that some sort of reflective material is incorporated into the costume.

·                     Utilize sidewalks when available and try to stay in well-lit areas. Never dart out between parked cars. Always cross at corners and crosswalks.

·                     An outside light on front of a house is usually a sign that trick-or-treaters are welcome. Avoid going to houses that are not lit.


For Drivers:

·                     Drive slowly! Be aware that young trick-or-treaters may dart out from between parked cars.

·                     Do not drive a vehicle while wearing a mask of any sort. Your visibility could be obscured.

·                     Stop at all crosswalks.


We hope your Halloween is both enjoyable and safe.





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