Friday, March 10, 2017

Officers Rush to Evacuate Family in Raging House Fire

There’s no such thing as routine patrol in policing. Shortly before 1:00 am this morning, an officer assigned to our Clinton station was patrolling on Brandywine Road when he spotted a fire on the back porch of a house on Symposium Way. The flames were quickly spreading into the home itself. The officer, Corporal Glen Caradori, called for backup, jumped out of his cruiser and raced to the house. He immediately began to pound on the front door to try to alert anyone who may be inside. When no one immediately responded, he began to break out window panes on the door in attempt to get inside. That’s when an adult in the home woke up and was able to alert others inside. A total of 6 people were in the home, including four adults and a 10-year-old child and three-week old baby. Thankfully, the six occupants safely escaped the fire. Our officers also ran to the neighbors to alert them– siding was melting on two of  the neighboring homes. Our six officers on scene were not hurt. The fire department arrived soon after and was able to quickly extinguish the flames.

Here is an edited-down version of the police radio transmission from the scene. From the time the officer made notification to communications to the time the family was safely escorted out of the house was 5 minutes. 

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