Wednesday, September 4, 2019

PGPD Officer Discharges Weapon During Dog Attack in Capitol Heights

A Prince George’s County Police officer shot a dog on Saturday after the dog attacked the officer during a traffic stop. The dog, a Cane Corso, later died. 

On August 31st at approximately 6:45pm, an on-duty officer was patrolling the area of Jefferson Heights Drive and Cedar Heights Drive when he observed a sedan traveling on the roadway without license plates.  The officer initiated a traffic stop on the car in a residential neighborhood. A second officer arrived to assist. The driver exited the car and made contact with both officers. During that time, a dog approached the assisting officer from a nearby yard and attempted to bite the officer in the left leg. The officer backpedaled while simultaneously drawing his firearm. The dog lunged again at the officer in a second attempt to bite him and the officer discharged his duty weapon, striking the dog. The dog was transported to a veterinary hospital where it succumbed to his injuries. 

As is our standard operating procedure, our Special Investigative Response Team is handling the investigation into the discharge of the officer's duty weapon.

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