Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PGPD Honors Officers of the Month

Prince George’s County Police officers hit the streets every day to serve the community and each month the department honors examples of this hard work.  We’d like to introduce you to the Officers of the Month for September.

District I Police Officer of the Month
Police Officer Yordy Diaz
On September 22, 2012, Police Officer Diaz’s actions led to the arrest of three armed robbery suspects.  Police Officer Diaz responded to Ager Road and Tuckerman Street for a citizen armed robbery. Two suspects had entered the victim’s moving vehicle as she was slowing down, while a third suspect waited in another vehicle.   As one suspect went through the victim’s purse and stole her cash and other property, another suspect held a gun to the victim’s head and threatened her life. The suspects then fled in a Toyota Corolla. While Police Officer Diaz interviewed the victim and broadcast a lookout, the suspects returned to the area.  Police Officer Diaz immediately chased the suspects and arrested them.

Police Officer Yordy Diaz - District I

District II Police Officer of the Month
Police Officer Jeffrey Hamilton Jr.
Police Officer Hamilton initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle for a minor motor vehicle violation. As he approached the vehicle, he could smell the strong odor of marijuana. During a search of the vehicle, Police Officer Hamilton found several baggies of suspected marijuana in a hidden compartment behind the radio console. The driver was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute. It was also determined that the vehicle matched the description of a vehicle that fled from police earlier in the month and its driver had thrown a stolen handgun from the car.
Police Officer Jeffrey Hamilton - District II

District III Police Officer of the Month
Corporal John Wynkoop
Corporal John Wynkoop’s actions on September 1, 2012,  led to the arrest of a burglary suspect. Police officers were called to the 2100 block of East Wilson Place in Landover. As Corporal Wynkoop drove down East Wilson Place, he spotted a person matching the suspect’s description running away from the noted address. Corporal Wynkoop began chasing the suspect.  Additional officers responded to the area and established a perimeter. Corporal Wynkoop continued to chase the suspect through the neighborhood. At one point, he lost sight of the of the suspect but did not give up searching.  He found the suspect hiding under a vehicle in the 2000 block of East Marshall Place.
Corporal John Wynkoop - District III

District IV Police Officers of the Month
Police Officer First Class Tyisha Gage
Police Officer First Class Timothy Glover III
Police Officer Stephen Downey
On September 4, 2012, the actions of these police officers led to the arrest of two armed robbery suspects. They were conducting a premise check in the area of Branch Avenue and Curtis Drive when they spotted a man armed with a handgun in the parking lot of Danny’s Carryout. Upon approaching the individual, the police officers determined he and an additional suspect were attempting to carry out a citizen armed robbery. The suspects saw the police and tried to get away in a black Acura.  The suspect vehicle struck a curb on Branch Avenue at Naylor Road where it became disabled.  The police officers were able to catch one of the suspects at the scene of the accident. The second suspect ran away but was caught at the entrance to the Naylor Road Metro.  Two handguns were recovered from the suspect vehicle and both suspects were charged with robbery.

Police Officer First Class Tyisha Gage - District IV 
Police Officer Stephen Downey - District IV
Police Officer First Class Timothy Glover - District IV

District V Police Officer of the Month
Police Officer Julius Askins
Police Officer Steven White
The actions of Police Officers Askins and White on September 11, 2012, led to the arrest of a bank robbery suspect. While on routine patrol in the 6300 block of Kirby Road, the police officers responded to the M&T Bank for a robbery in progress. Upon arrival, the police officers saw the suspect fleeing the scene on a bicycle. They were able to catch the suspect, recover the money and the handgun used in the robbery. Due to their rapid response and immediate actions, a robbery suspect was taken off the streets of Prince George’s County.
Police Officer Julius Askins - District V
Police Officer Steven White - District V

District VI Police Officer of the Month
Police Officer Matthew Vollono
Police Officer Vollono’s actions on September 26, 2012, led to the arrest of three robbery suspects. He responded to the 13100 block of Mistletoe Springs Road in Laurel for a report of an armed robbery.  Upon arrival, he entered the building and heard what he believed to be a violent struggle in a third floor apartment.  Police Officer Vollono knocked on the door and identified himself as a police officer and received no response.  Police Officer Vollono then established an inner perimeter, took up a tactical position and waited for the suspects to leave the building.  A few minutes later, two suspects left the apartment, one from the balcony and one from the window.  Disregarding his own safety, the officer chased and arrested one of the suspects behind the building. The other suspect was caught by Sergeant Glenn Long.  During the search of the victim’s apartment, a gun, marijuana, crack cocaine, and over $5000 were found, leading to the arrest of the victim.  Due to Police Officer Vollono’s quick response, good tactics, and thorough on-scene investigation, three felons were removed from District VI.
Police Officer Matthew Vollono - District VI

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