Monday, October 29, 2012

Update on Investigation of Auto Theft/Abducted Children

The black Nissan Altima from the alleged child abduction has been recovered in the District of Columbia, and the children in question have all been accounted for.  The investigation is ongoing, but Detectives from the Prince George's County Police Department now believe that the complainant falsely claimed her children were in the vehicle to obtain faster police response.  The complainant in this incident will be charged with making a false police report.  Any further updates regarding this incident will be available after 7:00 am on October 29, 2012.

For more information, please contact the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Media Relations Division at 301-772-4710 after 7:00 am.


Anonymous said...

Really?! Wow! She could only think of that high payment on that new car someone else was riding around in... Smh... We've got to do better as people!

Anonymous said...

That is really sad! There are many children that go missing each day and just because you want the return of your car faster you say your children are missing??!! How dare you! You can not be a human being!! My daughter and I have been following this story all night with our hearts in our stomachs. Only imaging how sacred you and those children must be... I could never say that a bout my child, for fear of that ever happening to me or her! I was so upset that the news Channels where covering the storm and not this case!! People like his women make me sick! I wish the law enforcement could have back that valuable time and resources to search for children that are actually missing! I wish you would sit this women down and show her children and there family's with missing children or loved ones. Let her hear bout all the horror stories of missing children that where found and what they went through or better yet the ones that do not make it home safe.. Or the mother/ father , families that go to bed every night not knowing where there child is.. We all as mothers or atleast most of us, find peace in knowing our babies are home and safe in there beds. Lucky for you. You get to do that. But you lay there in your warm bed and think about what it would be like to not know where you babies would be laying there head!! You can not love your children! I would be to scared that karma would kick me in the butt on this one. God forbidd anything ever happened to your children! I will pray for them because with a mother like that.. They will need it! I'm happy the children are safe!

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