Monday, February 24, 2014

PGPD Honors Patrol Officers of the Month

Snow, sleet, or sunshine, Prince George’s County Police patrol officers suit up to protect and serve the residents of this county. Too often their good police work goes unnoticed.  We’d like to introduce you to the patrol officers of the month for January 2014.

District I Police Officer of the Month
Police Officer Mohammad Ashkar

On January 2, 2014, Police Officer Mohammad Ashkar conducted a traffic stop on Queens Chapel Road.  When he approached the car, the patrol officer noticed the driver had a black face mask around his neck and had adjusted his waistband.  The driver also gave Police Officer Ashkar vague and evasive answers.  Police Officer Ashkar asked the driver to step out of the car for further investigation.  Police Officer Ashkar recovered a fully loaded handgun, suspected crack cocaine, heroin and marijuana.  The driver was arrested.  It was later learned that the handgun had been reported stolen.

District II Police Officer of the Month
Police Officer Michael Mroz

On January 15, 2014, Police Officer Michael Mroz responded to Wellington Street for the report of a fight.  When he arrived, he spoke to the two people who had been involved in the fight.  One of them had an open warrant for assault.  He was taken into custody.  Investigative leads developed as a result of this arrest also led to the closure of three residential burglary cases.

District III Police Officer of the Month
Police Officer Terrance McDonald

On January 15, 2014, Police Officer Terrance McDonald responded to the scene of an armored car robbery in Suitland. The armored car guards had been disarmed and robbed at gunpoint.   A good Samaritan, who witnessed the robbery, began to follow the suspects’ car.  The suspects spotted the good Samaritan and opened fire on his truck on Branch Avenue.  After the shooting, the suspects continued down Branch Avenue towards the District where they eventually lost control of their car and crashed.  They jumped out and tried to run away.  Police Officer McDonald began to chase the suspects. When he neared one of the four suspects, the suspect pulled out a handgun and began to turn toward Officer McDonald.  Officer McDonald was able to disarm the suspect and arrest him.

District IV Police Officers of the Month
Police Officer Jerold Greenwood

Police Officer Amir Smith

On January 15, 2014, Police Officers Jerold Greenwood and Amir Smith also responded to the armored car robbery in Suitland.  The patrol officers saw the suspects travelling down Branch Avenue and began to pursue their car into the District.  After crashing, the suspects bailed out of their car and began to run away. All four suspects were taken into custody with the assistance of the Metropolitan Police Department. A total of four firearms were recovered, including two that had been taken from the armored car guards.

District V Police Officer of the Month
Police Officer First Class Jonathan Osborne

On January 8, 2014, Police Officer First Class Jonathan Osborne conducted a traffic stop on Trumps Hill Road.  As he approached, he smelled suspected marijuana coming from the car.  A pat down of the driver revealed several small baggies in the driver’s pocket.  The driver admitted to having marijuana in the glove compartment.  Inside the glove compartment, POFC Osborne recovered 60 grams of marijuana. The driver was arrested.

District VI Police Officers of the Month
Corporal Henry Colon

Police Officer Vitaliy Demin

On January 13, 2014, Corporal Henry Colon and Police Officer Vitaliy Demin were called to Clark Avenue for a burglary in progress. When they arrived, they spoke to the victim who said she had just returned home from work and had gone upstairs.  While upstairs, a suspect walked out of the master bedroom with a hammer in his hand. The frightened victim was able to run outside and call police.  The two suspects ran out of the home through the basement.  A short time later, Corporal Colon and Police Officer Demin spotted two men who matched the description of the suspects.  Through additional investigation, it was determined that the two suspects were involved the breaking and entering. They were arrested.

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