Friday, May 2, 2014

PGPD Remembers Fallen Officer Alfred Steinat

Let us pause to remember our fallen hero Officer Alfred W. Steinat, lost this day in 1963.

Officer Steinat was born on July 5,1936.  He joined the Prince George's County Police Department on May 16, 1962, after serving with honor and distinction in the United States Marine Corps. After graduating from the police academy, Officer Steinat was assigned to the Upper Marlboro station before being reassigned to the new Bowie station.

Shortly after midnight on the morning of May 2,1963, Officer Steinat responded to a theft complaint at a service station on Route 301 in Bowie. After speaking with the victim, he canvassed the area for the suspect.  About an hour later, an Anne Arundel County police officer saw Officer Steinat's police cruiser on the northbound shoulder of Route 3 near the Prince George's County-Anne Arundel County border. While checking the area, the officer discovered Officer Steinat lying in nearby woods suffering from a fatal gunshot wound to his back. The investigation revealed that Officer Steinat had located the theft suspect and while interviewing him in his cruiser, the suspect pulled out a handgun and shot Officer Steinat. Despite being wounded, Officer Steinat pursued the suspect a short distance before collapsing and sadly succumbing to his injuries.

Officer Steinat served the Prince George's County Police Department for one year and was the third member of this agency to make the ultimate sacrifice.  He was the fifth law enforcement officer to give his life while serving this profession within Prince George's County.

At the time of his death, Officer Alfred W. Steinat was 26 years old and survived by his wife and four children.


W. P. Jones said...

So what happened to the suspect and his murderer, ever caught?

Prince George's County Police said...

Mr Jones, the suspect was captured. He ultimately died in jail due to self inflicted injuries.

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