Friday, January 5, 2018

Two Teens Charged With More Than 30 Front Porch Package Thefts

It is a crime that holiday grinches may think they can get away with but we are announcing two arrests that prove otherwise. The best parts of this story include how residents helped us to catch the thieves and how many of our targeted victims received their holiday packages in the end.  

Detectives identified and arrested two 17-year-old males for stealing dozens of packages delivered to homes in the county. The two suspects are linked to 31 of these thefts in the month of December. Since they are being charged as juveniles, their identities cannot be released.

The preliminary investigation reveals the teens targeted homes primarily in Largo and Upper Marlboro. Detectives were able to identify the two suspects after the suspects were captured on multiple home surveillance systems swiping packages. Among the items stolen were toys purchased for children.

In a majority of these cases, items were returned to their intended owners.

We do see an increase of package thefts in the weeks prior to Christmas, but they do occur year round since many of us regularly buy products online.

Here are some suggestions to help stop these types of thieves:

*If possible, pick up the ordered item at the store

*Ship the item to your workplace

*Have a neighbor keep an eye out for the item if you know you won’t be home during the delivery window

*Have the item sent to a friend or family member who is home during normal delivery hours

*If possible, ship the item to an Amazon Locker, UPS Office, FedEx Office or Post Office

*Require a signature at the time of delivery

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