Friday, April 6, 2018

Off-Duty Prince George's County Corporal Discharges Weapon During Dog Attack

A Prince George's County Police corporal shot and wounded a loose dog after the animal tried to attack the officer and his small dog in Fort Washington.   On Thursday, April 5th, around 8:20 am, the corporal was walking his dog, a cocker spaniel, on a leash in the the 11400 block of Gunpowder Drive, when a neighbor opened his garage door.  Our preliminary investigation reveals when the detective crossed the street, he says he heard the neighbor's dog, a cane corso, barking and charging towards him.  The cane corso did not have on a collar and was not on leash.  The officer says he picked up his dog and started to fend off the dog as it tried to bite at his face and tried to grab his dog.  Fearing for his own safety and for the safety of his dog, the officer drew his weapon and discharged one round at the cane corso grazing the dog's back paw.  The dog received medical attention.  Our officer nor his dog were injured.   Our Special Investigative Response Team will handle the investigation into the discharge of the officer's weapon which is standard operating procedure whenever an officer discharges his or her weapon.  Prince George’s County Animal Control has been notified and will launch a separate investigation into the incident.

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