Friday, April 20, 2018

PGPD Statement to Community About Ongoing Investigation Into Camera Investigation At a PGCPS Facility

On Monday April 16th, Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski and Dr. Kevin Maxwell, CEO of the Prince George’s County Public School System, jointly announced the launch of a PGPD investigation into the placement of an apparent hidden camera inside an administrative office at a Prince George’s County Public school. 

In keeping with his pledge to the community to keep residents informed, Chief Stawinski wishes to update his community on the continuing investigation.  

PGPD detectives are in the process of conducting interviews and securing warrants, so they can analyze a recording system that was attached to a hidden camera device inside an office at a local public school.  By way of new information, the Baltimore Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is assisting PGPD in the forensic examination of the data.

At this point in the investigation, it appears the camera had been placed in a single administrative office for several months.  The location was an office and not a locker room or bathroom.   As stated earlier, it appears that the camera captured only video and no audio. 

Chief Stawinski explained, “The interviews and forensic examinations are processes that will take some time before I am able to bring definitive information to our community.   I am asking for patience and understanding as my detectives conduct their work.  Once we arrive at a point where we can confidently draw conclusions as to why the camera was placed in the office, who placed the camera there, who authorized the surveillance, and what was captured on recording, I will be able to provide our community with answers insofar the release of information does not compromise any ongoing investigation.”

In our ongoing efforts to protect the identity of the person whose office was apparently surveyed, PGPD cannot release any further information as to the camera’s location.

“I want our community to know that if, at any point in our investigation, we discover information that needs to be brought to the attention of parents whose children attend the affected school, I will do so immediately,” said Chief Stawinski.     

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