Friday, November 16, 2012

PGPD Announces Suspension of Two Police Officers

Updated November 21, 2012: The administrative suspension hearing was held today.  The police powers of both officers remain suspended with pay, and both are assigned to non-contact administrative duties.

Prince George’s County Police Chief Mark Magaw suspended two Prince George’s County police officers after it was discovered they created a video that is inconsistent with the values of our community.   Chief Magaw announced the suspension just hours after learning about the video that was posted on the internet.  Chief Magaw considers the video offensive to the community and to the police department.   “We shared this information as part of our continuing effort to keep our community informed and to maintain transparency,” said Chief Magaw.

The video shows a traffic stop that appears to take place in Prince George’s County. It depicts two African American officers, in uniform, who use crude stereotypes and profanity when interacting with an African American driver who appears to be an actor.

The officers are three and 10-year veterans assigned to District V. Their police powers are now suspended.  A duty status hearing will be held next week.

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