Friday, November 16, 2012

PGPD Honors Officers of the Month

Every day, Prince George’s County Police officers patrol the streets, making the county a safer place to live.  Their good work often goes unnoticed.  The Prince George’s County Police Department proudly presents our Officers of the Month for October.  

District I Police Officer of the Month
October 2012
Police Officer First Class Kevin Carter
On October 31, Police Officer First Class Kevin Carter attempted to conduct a traffic stop near 23rd Avenue and Banning Place in the Chillum area.  The driver had earlier reportedly pointed a handgun at someone. While trying to flee from the police officer, he hit a parked car. The suspect jumped out of his car and started running away.  Moments later, the suspect turned around in an aggressive manner and charged at the police officer.  Police Officer First Class Carter deployed his pepper spray after the suspect refused to get on the ground.  Police Officer First Class Carter was able to make the arrest without further incident.  The suspect had a blood alcohol level of .298 and was also high on cocaine.  A loaded Ruger .44 Magnum Revolver was found in the suspect’s car. The suspect was also in possession of cocaine and marijuana and is a known gang member.
POFC Kevin Carter

District II Police Officer of the Month
October 2012
Police Officer Kelly Cochrane
On October 31, Police Officer Kelly Cochrane approached a parked 2008 Chevy Impala in the 12200 Block of Sir Lancelot Drive in Glenn Dale.  She noticed that the driver was wearing a black mask and that a strong odor of marijuana was coming from the car. A search of the vehicle revealed a second mask, two semi-automatic replica BB guns, a metal grinder and some 17 grams of marijuana packaged in individual small baggies.  Both occupants were charged with possession with intent to distribute.  Thanks to the police officer’s keen sense of observation, she not only recovered the marijuana, but also potentially prevented further criminal activity.
PO Kelly Cochrane

District III Police Officer of the Month
October 2012
Police Officer Darryl Jones
On October 28, Police Officer Darryl Jones was dispatched to a reported robbery at Landover Road and Pennsy Drive in Landover.   A lookout for two suspects, who implied
they had a weapon, was broadcast.  Police officers quickly established a perimeter and began searching the area. Police Officer Jones continued to canvass the area after other police officers had ended their search.  After some time had passed, Police Officer Jones spotted two possible suspects in the 6900 block of Forest Terrace.  The suspects ducked behind a car unsure if they had been spotted.  Police Officer Jones tactically approached the suspects and caught them before they could get away. Both suspects were positively identified by the victim and were also identified in several other robberies in the area.
PO Darryl Jones

District IV Police Officer of the Month
October 2012
Police Officer First Class Joey Harrison
On October 7, Police Officer First Class Joey Harrison responded to the 4900 block of Indian Head Highway for the report of a shooting.  The victim told Police Officer First Class Harrison that he had an earlier confrontation at a gas station at Indian Head Highway and Southern Avenue in Oxon Hill. The victim said the suspect had followed him and pulled a gun. They struggled over the gun, the suspect struck the victim in the face with the handgun and then shot him in the hip.  Police Officer First Class Harrison spotted a suspicious person matching the suspect’s description hiding behind a dumpster.  After a short chase, Police Officer First Class Harrison caught the suspect and recovered the gun used in the shooting.
POFC Joey Harrison

District V Police Officer of the Month
October 2012
Police Officer David Acosta
On October 7, Police Officer David Acosta responded to Crain Highway and Missouri Avenue in Brandywine for report of a shooting.  Once on scene,  Police Officer Acosta  began searching a wooded area.  He spotted the suspect holding a bucket with several large stalks of marijuana.  While placing the suspect into custody, Police Officer Acosta noticed additional marijuana plants lying on the ground.  The police officer’s actions and good tactical skills lead to the recovery of a 12 gauge shotgun and several marijuana plants with a value of $12,000.
PO David Acosta

District VI Police Officer of the Month
October 2012
Police Officer First Class Justin Haynes
Corporal David Vastag
On October 22,  Police Officer First Class Justin Haynes and Corporal David Vastag were canvassing the area of Brooklyn Bridge and Bond Mill Roads in Laurel for a report of the sound of shots.  As they canvassed Howard Duckett Community Park,  they approached two people, an adult and a juvenile.  The police officers conducted an investigatory stop on the pair.  During the investigation,  the adult admitted he had marijuana. A small plastic baggie was recovered, containing 7.5 grams of marijuana. A pat down of the juvenile revealed a glass and brass pipe.  Both suspects were arrested and charged with narcotics violations.
POFC Justin Haynes
Cpl David Vastag


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we have such thoughtful and brave officers working in Prince George's County!

Debbie Dempsey said...

Congratulations to all the officers who were named Police Officer of the Month!

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