Friday, September 30, 2011

PGPD Reminder of New Maryland Texting While Driving Law

On Saturday, October 1, 2011, Maryland's new texting while driving law will goes into effect.  As a reminder to motorists and residents within Prince George's County and throughout the state of Maryland, highlights of the new law are as follows:
  • Drivers may no longer send or read texts while operating a motor vehicle
  • The law applies to drivers at all times -- whether the vehicle is in motion or stopped at a red light
  • Texting and driving is moving from a secondary offense to a primary offense
  • As a primary offense, texting while driving now means a $70 fine and one point on a driver's license.  If it is found that texting contributed to the cause of an accident, the fine jumps to $110 and three points
Law enforcement agencies across the region realize that distracted driving has become a major roadway saftey issue.  The new law is aimed at reducing the number of distracted while driving crashes that result in injuries and fatalities. 

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this topic is actually being tested on the drivers permit test now. Distracted driving causes major issues. Whether that is eating, makeup, texting, or the radio. People need to use common sense.

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