Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PGPD K-9 Team Recovers Guns and Drugs

A Prince George’s County police officer and his K-9 partner are credited with getting two guns off county streets.  On January 19, 2013, police officers made a traffic stop on Kennebec Street in Oxon Hill.  The police officers smelled marijuana coming from the stopped car.  They called for a K-9 team to assist and were given permission to search the vehicle.   Cpl. Jeffery Walden and his K-9 partner Max arrived on scene.  Max alerted his handler to the glove box area.  Inside that glove box, police officers found two guns and 10 baggies with trace amounts of suspected marijuana.

K-9 Max 

This good police work comes on the heels of the PGPD’s Canine Unit welcoming its newest members.  On January 18, 2013, the unit held a ceremony to honor three graduates from its basic patrol K-9 class. Several of these teams have already recovered weapons and stolen property.  A fourth graduating team is with the Hyattsville City Police Department.

Cpl B. Peters and K-9 Budo

Cpl M. Cicale and K-9 Gamble

PFC J. Kehoe and K-9 Scooby

PFC T. Knox and K-9 Ori

Highlights from Graduation

Cpl Brandon Peters


Beau said...

Job well done ! Max deserves a treat ! My Uncle use to train dogs for the D.C M.P.D. Please give him one from me, Great job ! Your friend from up North, former, and fellow Lawman, Beau !

Beau said...

Taped handle on gun, we know what that is about ! Job well done !

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