Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Remembering Fallen Officer - Albert M. Claggett IV

Police Officer Albert M. Claggett IV

Let us pause to remember our fallen hero, Police Officer Albert M. Claggett, IV, lost this day in 1978.

Police Officer Claggett was born on March 1,1952, in Prince George's County, Maryland. He was raised in New Carrollton and graduated from Parkdale High School. He joined the Prince George's County Police Department as a cadet on June 19,1972.  He entered the police academy shortly thereafter, following in the footsteps of his father, retired Prince George's Counyt Police Lieutenant Albert M. Claggett III.  After graduating on December 3,1972, Police Officer Claggett was assigned to the Seat Pleasant station. He was  transferred to the Hyattsville station in July of 1975.

At approximately 1:30 am on June 26,1978,  Police Officer Claggett and Police Officer James B. Swart initiated a traffic stop of a vehicle on Annapolis Road at Kenilworth Avenue in Bladensburg.  The vehicle matched the suspect description in the theft of laundry room coin boxes from the Eastpines Apartment Complex. The two occupants were arrested and taken to the Hyattsville station.  As Police Officer Claggett was processing one of the suspects, the suspect suddenly ripped the officer's weapon from its holster and opened fire, striking POlice Officer Claggett in the chest.  He was rushed to Prince George's Hospital Center where he later died of his injuries.  

Police Officer Claggett served the Prince George's County Police Department for six years and was the 10th member of this agency to make the ultimate sacrifice. He was the 18th law enforcements officer to give his life in service to this profession within Prince George's County, Maryland. 

At the time of his death, Police Officer Claggett was 26 years old and survived by his wife and two sons. 

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pvc1552 said...

My ex-husband was a P.G. County police officer and we were close friends with his family, even going on vacation with them. We were devastated at his loss and I think of him often, now many years later. R.I.P. Rusty and I hope your family is doing well.
Pat Hunter Van Cleaf

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