Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Remembering Fallen Officer - James B. Swart

Police Officer James B. Swart

Let us pause to remember our fallen hero, Police Officer James B. Swart, lost this day in 1978.

Police Officer Swart was born on December 27,1952 in Prince George’s County, Maryland. He was raised in Riverdale and graduated from Parkdale High School. Police Officer Swart joined the Prince George’s County Police Department as a cadet on July 23,1972.  He entered the police academy on October 28,1973, following in the footsteps of his father, a retired detective sergeant with the Metropolitan Police Department.  Police Officer Swart graduated on March 4,1974 and was assigned to the Hyattsville Station.

At approximately 2:40 am on June 26,1978, POlice Officer Swart was at the Hyattsville station assisting with the processing of two theft suspects when one of the suspects shot fellow officer, Police Officer Albert M. Claggett, IV.  Hearing the gunfire from another part of the station, Police Officer Swart rushed to assist Police Officer Claggett when Police Officer Swart was shot in the chest.  He was rushed to Prince George’s Hospital Center where he was pronounced dead. 

Police Officer Swart served the Prince George’s County Police Department for five years and was the ninth member of this agency to make the ultimate sacrifice. He was the 17th law enforcement officer to give his life in service to this profession within Prince George’s County, Maryland.

At the time of his death, Police Officer Swart was 25 years old and survived by his parents.

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