Thursday, May 30, 2013

PGPD Arrests Serial Bank Robber

Stephon Fortune

The Prince George’s County Police Department arrested a suspect wanted in a string of recent bank robberies. He is identified as a 23-year-old Stephon Fortune of the 500 block of 50th Street in Northeast Washington.

Fortune is charged in connection with the robbery of the M & T Bank in the 3700 block of Donnell Drive in Forestville on April 24, 2013. He also robbed the SunTrust Bank in the 8900 block of Woodyard Road in Clinton on March 20, 2013.

Fortune is currently in custody in Charles County on unrelated charges. He is awaiting extradition to Prince George’s County.

For more information, please contact the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Media Relations Division at 301-772-4710.

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Anonymous said...

Lock his ass up and throw away the key article says he is serial offender who has been locked up multiple times. This tells me that he can not be rehabilitated which means he needs to become a life member of the don't drop the soap club. This is the problem with our justice system repeat violent offenders should receive harsh long grueling sentences if u wanna be a fuck up in society then u should pay a hefty price. Wake up it won't happen until a high ranking govt officials family member becomes a victim of a crime.

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